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Temperature Controlled Units

At LockBox Storage, our climate-controlled units are typically maintained at temperatures between 55 to 80 degrees. We have dehumidification systems that also assist in regions that experience elevated humidity levels. What items need protection from extreme temperature swings and elevated humidity? Electronics, pictures, appliances, film reels, camera equipment, furniture, artwork, printed works, wine, brass and string instruments along with collectables.

Why? Extreme temperature and humidity level changes can wreak havoc on these items, causing expansion and contraction which can crack woods and leather and fabrics can turn yellow. Humidity can cause mold or damage to brass, and printed materials and can cause clothing smelling musty. When storing your sensitive items it can cost a little more for climate controlled storage, but it’s well worth the peace of mind when it comes to irreplaceable heirlooms, or the cost or repairs or replacement in the future.

Drive-Up Access Storage Units

What is Drive up Storage? Drive up storage is just like your garage at home. You can drive directly up to the unit, and load or unload your unit for the most convenient storage experience. These units are all on the ground level, and typically in a row with paved drive lanes for easy access. There are no stairs, or elevators to contend with. You can conveniently move large or small items in and out with ease. These are typically our most affordable type of fully enclosed unit. Also, some drive up accessible units are large enough to accommodate vehicles.

Paved Drive Lanes

The facility is equipped with paved drive lanes. Paved drive lanes provide excellent drainage and drastically reduce the dust created from a gravel drive. It improves the ability to move furniture and appliances with a dolly.

12' Wide By 14' Tall Units

Units with doors this size are perfect for storing large RV’s and boats. We recommend measuring your vehicle’s overhead clearance, but most states require recreational vehicles to have a clearance of no more than 13’-6” so 14’ overhead doors are tall enough to accept almost every type of personal recreational vehicle. Even vehicles with roof top mounted air conditioning units or boats with Bimini tops. Bimini tops may have to be lowered.

Controlled Access

The facility is equipped with motorized gates and keypads. Each customer will have their own specific access code, and a history of their access is logged into the access control software. This ensures that only current paying customers have access to the property during normal gate hours which is 5 am till 10 pm. Customers that require 24/7 access or extended access hours opt to subscribe to our extended hour program.

Outdoor Storage

Whether you need to store a car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, 5th wheel camper, or RV, LockBox Storage offers a variety of outdoor parking space sizes. Typical outdoor parking stalls are 10’x20’ and increase in length by 5’ increments up to 10’x50’ This is available as an assigned parking stall in a secured parking lot. Outdoor storage spaces are the most economical solution for any vehicle storage, and our guidelines for storing your vehicle in an outdoor parking space at LockBox Storage is: the vehicle or trailer needs to be operable, road worthy, and in good working condition with tires inflated. When storing a boat or watercraft be sure to take the proper steps to safely store for year round weather and enjoy the savings that outdoor storage offers.

Indoor RV/Boat/Vehicle Storage

Indoor Storage: Cars including sedans, SUVs, vans, and even pickup trucks can easily fit into a storage unit (typically a 10×20). This makes indoor storage the popular pick for auto storage. Select a unit that is 12’ wide for extra room to maneuver around the vehicle. Large 11’ to 14’ tall doors are a must have when storing boats or RV’s.

All Storage Units Are 1st Floor

This location has 100% of its storage units on the ground level, for the most convenient storage experience in the market. Regardless of what unit you rent, you will never need to go up elevators or traverse stairs. You can conveniently move large or small items in and out with ease.

Paved Outdoor Parking

Outdoor parking areas are either paved with concrete or asphalt and the parking stalls are striped and numbered. Paved parking surfaces allow for easier access around the stored vehicle and reduces dust buildup that might occur in a gravel parking lot.

Electricity In Select Units

These storage units are equipped with a 110 volt duplex convenience outlet. These outlets are perfect for plugging in a trickle charger for your boat or RV that might be stored for longer periods of time to ensure the battery is ready for you to hit the open road or water! The convenience outlet is great for doing some minor work inside your unit, cleaning or for temporary lighting if you are using your unit after dark.

Lighting In Select Units

These storage units are equipped with a ceiling mounted light that is motion. These units are typically our larger units to help add some additional lighting towards the rear of the unit.